Band Camp

Band Camp is Mandatory for every student if you expect to march.  There will be no exceptions.
Since band camp is held at the school, absences during any part of the camp will not be allowed.
This time is essential to putting our field show together quickly and efficiently.  Pictures for the
school yearbook will be taken on Friday, August 2nd. A $100.00 class fee per student fee is due on the first
day of summer rehearsal.  This class fee pays for the camp instruction cost, yearly uniform rental, and the
band parent hand-book printing costs. 

Band Camp Basics

  1. Be on time.
  2. Have a ride home planned at the end of rehearsal each day.
  3. You must have advance written permission from a parent or guardian to leave campus during breaks.
  4. Empty drink containers belong in the trashcans — not on the floor or the ground.
  5. Absolutely NO GUM in the band room at anytime or at any rehearsal.
  6. During Band Camp, use the trashcans. If this is a problem, we will stop eating in the building.
    There will be NO food or drinks in the band room at any time.
  7. Use rest rooms in band room only.  Do not go into the main building.
  8. No smoking or smokeless tobacco.
  9. Wear proper clothing — shorts, etc. No bathing suits. No tee shirts, hats, or any type of clothing
    with any type of inappropriate ads on them when you are representing the Russellville Band.
  10. Wear good, comfortable athletic shoes. No high tops, sandals, Birkenstocks, bare feet, etc. Wear socks.
    You can’t give 100% if you have blisters on your feet. The directors will inform you if your footwear is inappropriate.
  11. Wear a hat and sun glasses to protect you from the effects of the sun.
  12. Be careful of the sun. Use sunscreen 25 or higher if you have fair skin. You can’t give 100% if you are sunburned.
  13. With no shaded areas, our practice field increases the chance of sunburned legs, etc. Take necessary precautions.
  14. If you get sick, let someone know. If you think you are suffering from heat stress, immediately notify one of the directors.
  15. Parents will serve you water during your marching breaks. Water bottles belong in the trash.  Do not throw water.
    Finish drinking your water during the break.
  16. Be courteous to all staff and parents. They are here to help you.
  17. Conduct yourselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times.
  18. Read the Band Hand book.
  19. You must have a pencil, reeds, oil, and any other equipment needed for your instrument.
    We will give you a folder to use during marching season.
  20. Be sure your name is on all your personal equipment and belongings.
    The band is not responsible for lost personal equipment or belongings.
  21. Have a Positive Mental Attitude.
  22. Remember the 3 C’s: Concentration – Communication – Commitment!
  23. Make this the best and most exciting Russellville High School Band ever!

After school rehearsals: 
Students will be excused from practice only in the event of a severe illness or a death in their immediate family.
The band director must be notified prior to checking out of school by the student or by his/her parent.  Anything short
of this procedure will result in an unexcused absence.

The band will practice on Fridays prior to the first football game, and each day after school during competition week,
which is either the first or second week in October.  Medical/Dental appointments are not excused during this week. 
Thank you for your support of the Marching Hundred as we look forward to a tremendous year ahead!