Band Parents

The Russellville Band Parent Association


The Russellville Band Parent Organization is a group of  highly organized, and motivated parents whose main purpose is to further the interests of the band program by serving to promote, develop, support, and finance instrumental groups of high quality and musical excellence.  Their importance and influence cannot be overstated.  Without this group, the Russellville Band could not attain the levels of success that have become a longstanding school and community tradition.

2016-2017 Officers
Ponda Gordon – President
Melvin Smith – Vice-President
Vickey Cook – Vice-President
Cassey Medley – Secretary
Marla Goad – Treasurer
Rodney Bolton – Parliamentarian


Membership and Meetings:

Every parent/guardian who has a child in the Russellville Band Program is considered an active member.  Parents of children who have graduated can be considered for continuing membership with the approval of the executive committee.  There is a $10.00 printing fee per family that is paid during band camp.  This fee covers the purchase of the band parent handbook.  The Band Parents will meet on the second Tuesday of each month excluding the months of January and May.  The meetings will begin at 6:30 pm promptly and usually last no more than 1 hour.  No business may be transacted by members except during a properly held meeting.  Additional band parent meetings may be called by the executive committee as needed.
Budget & Finance
Awards Banquet
Fund Raising
Sweetheart Beauty Walk
Tee Shirts
Christmas Dance
Concession Stand
Gold Tournament



Executive Committee


This committee is comprised of elected officers according the to By-Laws, Article X:  The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers of the association and the band directors.  This committee shall meet at 6:00PM prior to the regular band parent meeting with the purpose of forming an agenda of topics that will be discussed by the band parent body.    







Parents who wish to serve as a chaperone on the bus for an away game, performance, trip, or some other even must contact the Chaperone Chairperson at least 2 weeks in advance for consideration.  Due to their experience, Senior and Junior parents are afforded first consideration in the decision making process. Availability of space is another factor.

Band Parent Shirt
The Band Parent shirt is a red polo style-shirt with the band logo on the left front area.  These shirts serve an important function in that they help to identify parents for free admission when working at the concession stand or chaperoning the band in the home stands or on an away game.  They also help our band members to identify you in a large crowd of people if an emergency should arise.  These shirts may be purchased from an executive committee member at a cost of $20.00.  

Items purchased on behalf of the Band Parent Organization must have prior approval from the band director.  A state approved Purchase Order Number will be assigned only by the band director and must show the signature of either principal Dr. Guinn or assistant principal Donnie Davis.  Any band parent who makes a purchase without prior approval will not be reimbursed by Russellville City Schools for their expenses.

Assigned Committees:

Each Band Parent will be asked to serve on at least on committee.  Parents are expected to serve diligently and faithfully.  If they cannot work an assigned activity or event, it is the parent’s responsibility to secure a replacement and notify the respective chairperson over that activity.  The following appointed committees are: